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For homes and business premises, boilers play an indispensable role. It’s advisable to ensure that your boiler is in good working order, if you want to cope with those frosty months. Since installation, repair and servicing for these appliances is a preserve for professionals, you need to contact a fully-fledged service company that has the knowledge experience and adherence to regulations that govern the installation and maintenance of boilers or central heating repairs.

The fact that you need a reputable boiler service company cannot be overstated. If you contract Eco Efficient Oadby, you get state of the art boiler services all rounded into one. We have a squad of highly skilled engineers who have an in-depth understanding of boiler installation, upgrades, boiler servicing, maintenance and central heating installation. Not only do they serve a variety of industries, but they also strive to provide high quality services.

The truth is that many home and business owners don’t keep track of the performance of the boiler or the central heating system. This can lead to malfunction, downtime and even disasters. If you don’t know whether your boiler is due for boiler repairs or servicing, contact us and we will bring you up to speed. We have the expertise needed to handle some of the following problems that cripple your boiler.

Leaking and Dripping

Leaking can be caused by a number of reasons. You need to check where the leak is coming from to know the cause. Some leaks are caused by faulty internal components such as pressure valves or pump seals. If the pressure in your boiler is too much, it could lead to such a problem. If it’s the pump seal, it’s an indicator that it’s worn out. For such, never try to DIY, but call us and we will dispatch gas safe registered specialists who understands gas and boiler leaks to fix it.

Banging or Kittling Noises

If you notice strange noises inside the boiler, it could signify low water pressure. If you pump is faulty, it could cause kettle noises. You need to consider upgrading the old fashioned boiler model. We have skilled installers who can advise you on the best model to pick if you decide to upgrade.

Boiler Turns Itself On/ Off

There are several reasons that could lead to a boiler going on and off randomly. They include thermostat issues, low water pressure and lack of water, or a blocked valve. You can get relief when you call us since we are the experts when you need repair and we will get your boiler back in action.

Nowadays, you need to install energy efficient boilers if you want to save money on your energy bills. New models can help cut your energy consumption by 50%. When you ask us to oversee boiler installation for a new model, you will save your consumption by over 80 %. We have the best crew. Call us today!

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