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Boiler Repair Hinckley

If you want efficient boiler installation, repair, servicing or central heating services, Eco Efficient is your one-stop shop. We have been in the industry for more than 15 years, and our reputation precedes us. We offer responsive, same day services for all your boiler and gas systems. We strive to improve your comfort, and we are transparent from the moment you call us until you approve our service delivery.

 Boiler Servicing

If you want to keep your prized boiler model functioning efficiently, you need to have it serviced regularly. Don’t wait for gas and boiler leaks to shut it down when we have the best service technicians and options. Our priority is to ensure you catch pending fault before they blow into costly repairs. We provide cost-effective servicing solutions, and we never up sell or overcharge to service your boiler. Call us and enjoy unmatched service warranties in Hinckley.

Boiler Repairs

With time, your well-serviced boiler will break down due to some faults. It can be defective thermostats, leaking pipes, kittling noises or no hot water at all. To avoid the inconveniences, we are always ready to handle your repairs even in emergency times. Don’t rely on incompetent and unresponsive providers when we are always on call. Our dispatch teams are fully equipped, and they work with high-quality replacement parts to improve the efficacy of your boiler system.

Boiler Installation

For exceptional boiler installation services, Eco Efficient Hinckley is your best bet. We have the expertise to install any boiler model with precision. We observe building, electric and gas safety regulations and standards. We work with highly trained, accredited and gas safe experts who do nothing else but boiler installation, upgrades, and servicing. We guarantee our work, and we offer excellent warranties that can’t be found elsewhere. Call us today and enjoy top-notch installation and refined workmanship.

Gas and Boiler Leaks

Gas and boiler leaks can pose untold risks to you, your family and premises. If you want a quick but guaranteed solution for leaking carbon monoxide, loose pressure valves or pipe work, we are just a call away. We don’t handle leaking boiler or gas system before we troubleshoot and explain our plan of action. We understand the dangers involved, and we act fast to thwart disasters. Call us anytime, and we will come to your premises without wasting time.

Central Heating Installation

No doubt, central heating system accounts for over 50% of your household energy consumption. If you want to switch to a more efficient system, Eco Efficient Hinckley is the perfect solution. We can install from scratch and we can upgrade your old fashioned system regardless of the model you prefer. We will help you turnaround your energy bills, and we will fit every component while observing the highest standards of installation, compliance, performance.

Central Heating Repairs

Choosing or upgrading to a versatile central heating system has many benefits. But nothing is guaranteed to last. When you experience hitches, or your energy consumption won’t come down, call us, and we shall inspect and handle necessary repairs. From inactive radiators, faulty pilot lights or broken systems, we know how to troubleshoot and diagnose. We do full system surveys, and we offer practical warranties for all our services. Call us today and get the best services!

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